Food that helps live healthier and longer part 2 of 4

This is winter. It’s Cold outside and the atmosphere is conducive to winter diseases: colds, flus, bronchitis. No worries in our series of posts on food that helps live healthier and longer, this one highlights specific foods available in winter (although they are also found at other times of the year, We focuse on eating season’s food to reduce the carbon footprint of our consumption).

If you have missed the first post you will find the link here

Citrus fruits

It’s the family of famous fruits : Oranges, Clementines, Lemons tangerines and grapefruits. These foods are well know to be rich in Vitamin C. It is also rich in vitamin A and in fiber, minerals, as well as antioxidants. The main benefit of citrus fruits is to boost the immune system and enhance life expectancy thanks to its strong antioxidants properties. We know that antioxidants reduce cellular aging by fighting against free radicals. It has also the property to fight cardiovascular diseases and digestive cancers. I strongly recommend to only consume organic fruits as you can both use the flesh and the skin (for zest). Though if you can’t have organic fruits just use the flesh and throw the skin. This allows to remove 90% of pesticides. (So better organic citrus)





Unless you know yourself as having allergy to walnuts which is very important, walnuts have a lot of advantages to fight against many diseases :

Cardiovascular disease , cholesterol, type 2 of diabetes, certain forms of cancers (especially colon cancers for women). Consuming regularly walnuts helps fighting against those diseases. As for all foods a reasonable consumption is important (30 g / 1.06 oz). It is also known to be a good anti skin aging. Walnuts are rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants (fight against free radicals responsible of aging cells). It is full of unsaturated fatty acids essential for health (contains omegas). Walnuts (but also almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts) contain plant sterols that lower cholesterol levels : so it helps to increase living better and longer. Some studies showed it helps fighting against skin defects (acne or eczema). Prefer to buy organic





Whole grains

Prefer Whole grains to refined ones because of its higher fiber content. The most important quantity of fibers is in the husks and germs. Fibers are essential in fighting intestinal laziness and preventing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Fibers are important to live healthier and longer and must be added to a balanced diet.

husks and germs contain a great quantity of iron, zinc, vitamine E and magnesium which helps fighting fatigue and stress. So eating every day a portion of whole grains helps live healthier and longer. Many scientific studies are related to these statements.






Green tea

Green tean is a natural medicinal food. It has a various range of applications to prevent a large number of diseases. First of all it is one of the most powerful antioxidants (fights against free radicals responsible in cellular aging. This also allows to fight arteriosclerosis and cardiovascul diseases. It lowers the cholesterol in the blood. It stimulates fat burning.Green tea also increases insulin sensitivity and reduces risks of type 2 diabetes. It also helps in preventing numerous cancers’ forms but also :

anti hypertensive

anti inflammatory

anti bacterial and antifungal

helps digestion

boosts immune system

As you can see, daily drinking this incredible food is very good for health. I recommand to prefer Japanese teas for its great quality because of the ground, the way it is both cultivated and the way it is harvested and stored. I recommend Gyokuro, Sencha,Bancha, Sakura, Genmaicha to which you can sometimes ad matcha. Be careful also to prepare correctly your tea (Avoid to boil water and respect dosage and duration of infusion depending on the variety you buy. Refer to Japanese and Chinese practices.

That’s all for this post. I hope you will find it helpful. Take care of your health : eath healthy, practice daily sport activities. I’ll be thankful to see your comments. You can also follow me on Instagram

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