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This Burning Calories workout is in link with the article on efficient sport rules http://myhealthygardens.com/index.php/2017/10/26/efficient-sport-rules-and-workout-for-a-sustainable-health-improvement/ . As I wrote in this article, to have a healthy life style and to enhance one’s chances to live better and longer, one must associate a healthy diet with a regular sport activity. It does not mean to take a resolution, working hard some days (running, lifting weight, cycling, fighting) and getting lazy on others because one have spent to much energy. To stay in good health workout must fit to your mood and daily ability.if you feel ok with a 1 hour workout just do it and if you feel like you have to make  sport but you are not in a good shape just take 30 mn but not less. This is a specific burning calories workout which is very efficient to burn calories in only 30 mn (depeding on your fat mass between 400 and 600 calories if you respect the rest without taking more rest and depending on your body fat,physical condition). Before describing the workout I insist on a mandatory advise: If you are starting again a sport activity (that’s to say you are not used with cardio training) or beginner, see first your practionner and I advise to see a cardiologist before any intensive workout like this one. If you are expert or even intermediary I’m sure you’ll reach pleasure with this workout. For the experts of bodybuilding you can adapt the exercice to your might . For example jump rope with a heavy  jump rope and add some weight to your ankles and or wrists. Use a heavy kettlebell. Now I describe the exercice .

1- Jump rope : 5 rounds of 3 mn with 1 mn rest between each round. I mix boxers jumps (double each leg) with high knees jumps to work abs

one mn rest after the fifth round

2- Spiderman pushups: you make your push ups and lift your right knee next to your elbow then you do the same with the left knee. 30 pushups (that is to say 15 each side)

30 sec rest

3- Dog plank : you do a plank but you lift your right arm and left leg for 15 sec then you switch to the left arm and the right leg for 15 sec.

20 sec rest (yes 20 not 30 !)

4- Abs on the floor : your back is straight on the floor, your feet at 90 °. you put your hands behind your head without crossing fingers (your head must not touch the floor). Then you lift your elbows to your knees (one movement per second) and you do this for 1 mn

30 sec rest

5- Abs lifting kettlebell: lift your feet and lift weight with a kettlebell. Movement made to your chest (one movement per second) and keep the position for 1 mn

30 sec rest

6- Push ups plank : start in position of push ups and get down on your right elbow then left elbow in the same movement (approximately 1 second) then push on your right hand then your left hand in the same movement to come back to your push ups position.  For description please click on the youtube link to see the small demo video  https://youtu.be/BGZMIHo8bRc .   Try this for 30 sec

rest 20 sec

7- Classic plank : for beginners put your elbows on the same line of your shoulders. for the experts join your elbows for more abs and burning calories. Keep the plank for 1 mn

30 sec rest

8- left side plank : put your arm on the left elbow and lift your pelvis during 1 mn . For the experts you can make the movement harder by approaching your pelvis to ground (don’t touch it) and lift it. For description please click on the youtube link to see the small demo video that is the movement I chose to do in the demo https://youtu.be/BGZMIHo8bRc .

30 sec rest

9- right side plank : do the same exercise as for the left arm for 1 mn

We have our 30 mn  burning calories workout.

Don’t forget to take benefit of the rest to drink water but also after the workout.

You can try this exercise or modify it by beginning doing exercises in another order (except jump roping first to warm your muscles).

Thank you for your reading . Comment, Follow me on Instagram and YouTube. This is my first demo video if you suscribe, like, others videos will follow.  I would be very happy to help ! Thank you so much.

Take care of your inner healthy gardens and keep a healthy diet !

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