Efficient Sport Rules and workout for a sustainable Health improvement

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Efficient sport rules are necessary for a sustainable health . Workout and sport activities from time to time are not enough to improve health. No need to do long sessions and everyone can have access to a sport activity whatever his situation. Whether you are retired, workman, executive, home and even in the context of a very dense life it is possible (transport, work, accompaniment of children’s schoolwork etc …). It takes 30 minutes of efficient sport every day and it’s not necessary to do more -except if you can- but beware of respecting your state of health (age, weight, medical contraindications etc…) Please see your doctor for appropriate advice( generalist practitioner, cardiologist, nutrionist …). 30 minutes and NOT LESS !

Efficient sport means 30 mn with short rest (i.e : less than 1 mn between 2  exercises and a maximum of 1 mn between 2 repetitions. In the sport category we will have some proposed workouts to do).

muscle sheathing
Muscle sheathing workout




Why ? because the first 20 minutes are used to burn the sugar consumed. The next 10 tackle fats. The effects of these 30 minutes of activity last a day. It’s like taking a treatment that needs to be renewed after 24 hours. It sounds weird ? Why ? Why shall we accept to use a chemical medecine which we know acts against a disease but with multiples secondary effects though we respect the dosage by following the treatment ? So for more beneficial reasons it’s the same process for a healthy treatment : Renew it each day when its effects disappear. It is one of the MOST EFFICIENT ways to sustainably improve our health. Obviously, practicing sport without a healthy diet is like hiking and smoking at the same time : it minimises or even remove the benefits. In the healthy food category we’ll see how to enhance and maintain our healthy garden with healthy food and cooking. I hope this article is helpful. I would extremely appreciate if you follow me make comments. Please feel free to ask if you are interested in developing specific themes. I’ll manage to work on it within my skills limits. Take care of your inner garden.

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4 thoughts on “Efficient Sport Rules and workout for a sustainable Health improvement

  • 2017-10-27 at 11 h 39 min

    Thanks for this article, inspiring and very helpful for me.

  • 2017-11-01 at 2 h 16 min

    Thanks Coach Mo! You reminded me to bring garlic back to our daily lives. I tend to cook my garlic at the beginning of my cooking, I will add it towards the end.

    • 2017-11-03 at 22 h 30 min

      You are welcome ! yes it is best to add it towards the end. Happy to help you bringing back an essential food
      to your cooking. Take care.


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